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Microsoft Virtual Machine

The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine is no longer available from Microsoft directly due to legal wrangling with SUN, however it still can be downloaded...

Microsoft VM build 3810 for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0. 5.07 MB

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine download links:

  • or
  • Search for msjavx86.exe!

Steps to install the Microsoft Virtual Machine:

  1. Download the file using the links above and save it to your harddrive.
  2. Once the file is on your harddrive, execute it and thus load the Virtual Machine.
  3. As the file begins execution, answer Yes to the License Agreement question and then once complete, re-boot your PC.
  4. Once the PC is re-booted you should be set to go.

One way to get Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

First go to this site and get the older version of the MS Java Virtual Machine:

This will check for the basic VM and install an older version onto Vista/XP, and then you need to go to Microsoft and install the Java 4.0 SDK which will give you the newer base java components. You can get those from this link: Microsoft SDK for Java 4.0 for Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista or later:

Once you have this installed and have re-booted your machine, then you need to go to the MS update site and install all the updates you do not currently have. The link to MS' site is:

When the updates are complete, you will need to re-boot one more time. After re-booting you will have the most current available Java for XP/Vista.

Sun Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Microsoft had to take down their virtual machine because of some legal issues. But you don't even have to use the Microsoft VM, you can use Sun Microsystem's version, and it seems to work just fine.

Automatic Download and Installation (for Windows Vista, XP, Me, NT, 2000, or 98 and Internet Explorer)

Click to begin: Java Virtual Machine Download Page

First, our system will check to see if automatic install works on your computer...

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